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Common Ground Released In May 2006, Common Ground is a electronic musical journey, an album for listening that takes the listener on an evolving journey… from electronic film-scores, ethereal tangerine dream-like soundscapes and their trademark floating melodies right through to electro tinged growlers & rock vocals. The album builds throughout and ends with two peak time dance floor numbers “Calling” and “Waiting”

The album consists of 11 tracks mixed together in the form of a continuous mix. “Even though the tracks are made separately in the studio , the album is written as one long session creating a vibe like an artist-set with a predefined plan and meaning to it, so that the listener can be taken on a more interesting journey rather than just playing separate tracks ” notes Leama.

The album has taken over a year to record. Leama and Andy set out with a firm goal at the beginning of the project … quality electronic listening music with no compromises. They have certainly achieved their goal; half of the tracks would sound right at home on any Hollywood film score.

LOSTCDLP07 Leama & Moor 'Common Ground'
01 Waterdrop
02 Hill Side Climb
03 Coming of Age
04 Neon Approach
05 Everything Matters
06 Forever
07 New Division
08 Cry For Help
09 Calling
10 Waiting
11 Communications

LOSTLP07 Leama & Moor 'Common Ground' LP
A1) Neon Approach
A2) Forever
B1) Everything Matters
A1) New Division
A2) Calling
B1) Waiting

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