about leama&moor

leama & moor photo Leama and Moor is made up of Marty Smith (Leama) and Andy Moor. As a duo the pair have been working together since 1999 when they first met in Stoke on Trance - already a hot bed of the dance Music fraternity. The Cable Chamber Studios were a spiritual home to acts such as Tilt, Parks and Wilson, Quivver, Redanka, Tarantella and Soul MeKanik.

Leama and Moor were already successful in the industry - Leama had released tracks with Malcolm Mclaren and also formed ‘Odessi’ alongside Parks+Wilson. Andy was Classically trained and had tracks + remixes under various aliases on labels like Tommy Boy, Hooj choons etc.

At the time the pair had already co-written tracks like ‘Melodica’ and ‘Requiem for a Dream (perfecto)’ before deciding to amalgamate and Officially form Leama and Moor.

Their first project was to remix ‘2-players – Signet’ for lost language and found a new sound together by fusing different styles which created the platform for their trademark mixes.

Over the next five years the duo have carried out a series of remixes. As their sound progressed and grew to a new level, so did the names they were asked to remix. Britney Spears, Avril Lavinge, Tiesto, Orbital, Brian Eno, Paul Oakenfold & Above & Beyond all followed in receiving the Leama and Moor touch. In 2004 they released their debut original single “Shades of Blue/Red” on the Primal Label & “Angle Series 1” on Lost Language.

The duo draw on a diverse pool of influence , anything from Sasha & LSG to Pink Floyd, Vangelis, Jean Michel Jarre & Tangerine dream. Some powerful inspiration… all of which has helped weave the multi layered soundscapes which has made them so popular over the past 5 years.